Early 2017, and I was still a non-runner ‘saving heartbeats’

It was early 2017, and I was still ‘saving heartbeats’ — at least that was my excuse whenever a few close acquaintances would suggest I take up running. My thought being that running would “waste heartbeats” as if I would only get so many in my lifetime. Truth be told, it was just a sarcastic response I had learned from my dad (one of many).

About those acquaintances, beginning in late summer 2016 I had begun taking part in a lunch hour book club with some fellow professionals — guys that have quickly become some of my closest friends. There’s about 6 of us in this book club regularly, and three of them — Ben, Shawn, and Cam — were (are) active runners. They were all training for the Sugarloaf Marathon in the winter months of early 2017, so needless to say running dominated a lot of these lunch hour conversations.

Apparently there was this app called Strava that they used to track their daily jaunts. Typically I would just tune out when the iPhone’s would emerge from their pockets and they would compare morning runs. More on that later (umm, how did I ever live without Strava?!)…

However, I was still set against running — especially considering it was the dead of winter. Thanks, but no thanks.

This sticker summarized my attitude at the time:

However, to keep a short story from getting too long, by the time the first official day of spring 2017 rolled around I did eventually succumb to the desire to be more active and have a healthier lifestyle. Since these guys were running, I decided to give it a try.

More on my first runs in the next post, but first a little back story.

Before taking up running, I was not what I would consider “over weight” – typically weighing in between 210-215 pounds at just about 6′ 2″ tall. But as a software professional, like many people nowadays, most of my day is spent sitting and staring at a computer (and sometimes standing at my stand-up desk) — a very sedentary lifestyle to say the least.

Even if I was “saving heartbeats”, I’m sure I wasn’t doing my heart any favors by giving it so little chance to strengthen. With 3 young boys at home, I owed it to them to model a healthier lifestyle than what I was currently living.

And so my running story began… Next up, my first runs.




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